The sense of time is a special kind of perception, based rather on how the surrounding reality is seen and accepted. After all, a person does not have special receptors that would be responsible for the perception of time or any sensations associated with it. Living and working in a small Russian city, you feel the difference in the perception of the speed of the passage of time here and in the “big world”. It seems that returning after several years of absence, you again find yourself in the same place and at the same point in time. Leaving for a short time — you especially sharply feel this difference in the perception of the passage of time. There are such houses in almost every city, so the project turned out not about a place, but rather about the perception of time in small cities. I think this project can be better understood through the example of self-isolation that almost everyone felt during the pandemic. This work is an attempt to understand myself and my relationship to the place in which I live.



Проект  сделан во время обучения в школе им. Родченко.
Мастерская Игоря Мухина.